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♪ let me lay waste to thee

pockets full of stones
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Friendship is kind of magic...?
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take a break to write things that aren't nano
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Shinjiro Application for paradisa
⌖ as heavy as can be
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Scene Compilation, Shinjiro Aragaki
⌖ she's a cruel mistress
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i love the dark, there's so much to see
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Garren (Crow); his unfortunate unbringing and capture.
✝ u l t r a n u m b
Garren's mother was a prostitute. This set his position up as unfortunate from the start. His mother honestly tried her best to keep him well, but he had to be passed between the other women she worked with a lot. They figured out pretty early that he was... not entirely right in the head. He was too quiet as a child, but often burst into manic fits, his emotions switching back and forth without warning. It was a wonder they kept him as long as they did--until he was six or seven.

Then his father showed up. He was a very rich man, a retired war-general that held a very high political seat in the king's court. He was getting kind of desperate for a male heir because his wife had given him only girls. When he heard that this prostitute he used to visit had a son, of a suspiciously convenient age, he showed up, threw down a few laws, and took Garren away for himself.

Garren hadn't really liked living in a whorehouse, but he disliked living with his father even more. His living conditions were suddenly grand, but he had no idea how to deal with them. He was suddenly burdened with a sense of entitlement he didn't fully understand or comprehend. His father put him through rigorous training and schooling to try and form him into a perfect heir, but none of it was to any avail. He was disobedient, ill-tempered, and sometimes downright violent. He literally could not get alone with anyone he met, because he lacked any understanding of social situations or empathy towards other people. The only thing he was remotely good at was combat training, and even then, he tore things apart rather than learning proper etiquette or technique. He was a mess, trapped under strict supervision and a world of expectations.

That is, until the priesthood came around. His father was so fed up with his failure of a son that he handed him over, declaring him defective and figuring he'd use the reputation he'd get (surrendering over his son for the greater good of his people) to start from scratch and find another heir. Garren never saw his father or his mother again, which is probably for the best, as he'd grown to resent them both.

The priesthood had to test him for a long time. The poked and prodded and cut him open here and there, burned him a few times. Eventually they stopped, but not of their own accord--he started doing something to them so that they could only stand around and wander distractedly whenever they went into his cell. It gave his wounds time to heal up on their own. Once it was determined he was a reincarnation, he was shipped off to the castle like the rest of them.

And from there, the story goes. He was better than Robin when it came to keeping his head down, because he lived there for a few years and learned how best to get what he wanted (even though that still didn't get him much). One day, on no particular day, he awakened to his power--dominion over souls, resonating with the god Mortem. With that, he gained strength and knowledge and power.

Most importantly, he realized that he didn't have to play by his father's rules anymore.

Or the priesthood's rules.

Or anyone's rules.

So he didn't. The rest is history.

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glow » like all the boys before
[so he's just lyin' around on a couch, playing video games. probably the equivalent of Mario Kart in Paradisa. he's got some soda around and a box of pizza that's being slowly worked on, but he looks a little bored--after all, this sort of thing is only fun without other people for so long.]

there must be purpose here, 'cause most of us keep waking up.
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don't you think it's pretty here?Collapse )

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